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This book has been an incredibly useful tool for me! I’ve had several surgeries over the past couple of years and the exercises outlined in this book have been extremely helpful in the early days following the procedures. Being able to move the healthy muscles when spending so much time lying in recovery has helped my body get moving faster and given me a better sense of well being. I am also challenged with insomnia and often use The Sleeper sequence to help my body unwind into rest. The book is a straightforward, quick reference for exercise, and the pictures showing the muscles used make it very easy to follow along.

– Julie Mirza, Dec 2021

 I am 94 years old and had severe cramps nightly in my legs. I have been playing golf for 50 years and continue to walk most of the course. I have tried several alternatives from mustard to apple cider vinegar, a muscle relief solution from a drug store and even pickle juice all of which gave me no relief. I have only been doing the exercises in your book Back And Better for three weeks and I am amazed at the results. The cramps went away within one week of using the exercises. I was also having trouble sleeping, because the cramps were so severe, they would wake me up at night. Now, the exercises relax my muscles, and I am sleeping through the night. I will not go to bed without doing my exercises.


– Roy Marshall Age 95 in July 2021

William R. Gallivan, Jr., M.D.Orthopedic Surgeon

I don't use terms like this lightly, but this book is genius!

Wayne MarshallDirector, Kaizen Marketing

Ross shares from personal and direct experience a set of exercises I have already found very helpful and that can be done while bedridden or lying down. The diagrams are both clear and attractive and the descriptions easy to grasp right away. I will be using this in my daily fitness routine and will use it to help stay fit as I age gracefully.

Bernie N.California book user, age 92

I am sleeping so much better, since I started using the exercises in the book

Dale CollinsMaster of Science, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Exercise Physiologist

Ross' book gives anyone the tools to retain their strength and return to an active life after being bedridden in the shortest possible time.

Larry W.California book user, age 74

I love your 'BACK AND BETTER' book, so very helpful in being able to isolate issues with exercises that go directly to the problem. I find myself doing the 'low back workout' on a regular basis. And thank you also for pointing out those 'quick fix' exercises!

Paul BeerRegistered Physical Therapist specializing in orthopedics

I believe the range of motion exercises and strengthening exercises in this book are excellent for seniors. I think it would be a very helpful aid to anyone that purchases it.


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